The root of the word elegant has to do with making careful or skillful choices. An elegant equation is one that is pleasing due to a combination of unusual simplicity and effectiveness. Achieving elegance is my goal as a copyeditor.*

I love words and believe that the way we use them matters. This passion fuels my attention to detail in the service of clarity, readability, and aesthetic pleasure.

I have worked on books, website content, essays, memoirs, dissertations, editorials, personal statements, patent applications, grant proposals, and letters. While I’m happy to work on projects ranging from dissertations to dessert menus, I generally copyedit nonfiction.

Heavy copyediting is my specialty. I also do proofreading and light to medium copyediting. I will occasionally copywrite, if wooed in a particularly winning way. I enjoy helping people get ideas out of their heads and written down in a coherent and compelling fashion;  however, this kind of joint work usually requires a lot of face time.



Proofreading and copyediting: $40/hr
Copywriting: $50/hr



Within 24 hours: add 20 percent
Same-day delivery: add 30 percent

Expedited service requires discussion prior to submission of files. Rush projects are subject to availability. Please contact me directly to explain your project’s needs and confirm a production schedule.


References and resume are available upon request.



Jo Podvin

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